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Dear Friends of West Papua,

We created a new catagory on this website: Updates genocide West Papua .

New articles in this catagory will appear on the Homepage until a newer update is published. Then the older one will still be visible in this catagory.

In this way, you will be able to review the history on the situation in West Papua.

May God bless our beloved brothers and sisters in West Papua, who are fighting for their God given right to be an undependant and free people!

 Roeland Solcer

Founder of the Party for Love Governance in the Netherlands 


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Australia has raised hackles in Jakarta over Canberra's response to an ABC 

report accusing an Indonesian counter-terrorism unit of human rights
violations in West Papua. Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr has called on
Jakarta to investigate the killing of a West Papuan activist Mako Tabuni.
Jennifer Robinson is an Australian lawyer best known for representing Julian
Assange. But for a decade she was deeply involved in providing legal
assistance to West Papuan activists.


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Merdeka Free West Papu!

Free West Papua Campaign
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