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2012 is the year of the rising up of women everywhere

Mother Mary is one of the Great Ascended Teachers that inspired me to start this movement and political Party for Love  Governance.

The Ascended Masters give us  a clear direction to folllow the Path of selftranscendence, to raise ourselves, the collective consciousness, our society and politics to a higher level.

Listen to your heart, while reading her dictation on the year of the Holy Spirit 2012


moeder maria2

Mother Mary, December 29, 2011. This dictation was given in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

As Elohim Cyclopea and Virginia said: "The call compels the answer." I am your Mother Mary. I am your "Mat Marie."

Indeed, my beloved, it is a joy to my heart to hear when people around the world call my name with the sincerity and the purity of their hearts. Truly, I am joyful to be given an opportunity to share with you the intense joy that I feel, when you give these rosaries and invocations. Especially when you come together in a group of people, and therefore we can multiply these rosaries many times over because of the combination of your auras and chakras.

The greater goal is to raise the sense of oneness

For you see, my beloved, although the rosaries and invocations certainly do work to raise you up as individuals, the greater goal of giving these invocations is to raise the oneness, the sense of oneness, among all people. For this is truly the antidote to the fallen consciousness, to the consciousness of duality.

For if you truly look, throughout the history of this planet, you will see that the fallen beings – in whatever manifestation or power you have seen in various historical epochs and various societies – they have always been unable to fathom oneness. They cannot feel oneness amongst each other, and that is why they so often are at war with each other. And they can, of course, not feel oneness with the people below them.

Yet the people in many nations have indeed felt oneness with each other. In many cases, this oneness has been brought about precisely through the suppression by a small elite. And therefore, there has been a certain sense of solidarity and oneness, that brought people together because of the suffering. And thus, you can look at the former communist nations, and you can see that during communist times there was to some degree a sense of oneness because people suffered together.

You can even see in some nations, where this sense of oneness has, at least to a large degree, evaporated since the nations became independent from the Soviet Union. And thus, you see that some of these nations are now going through a phase, where people are becoming more individualistic—as you have indeed seen in the Western nations, that were not under the yoke of communism.

Yet I tell you, that it is necessary to move from the forced sense of solidarity – that is forged by a totalitarian, suppressive regime – and move through the period of individuality, of strengthening the individuality. And then, when you move beyond this, you can move into a greater sense of union and oneness, that does not need the suppression of a totalitarian force.

A vision of how rosaries work
For the people come together, not to share their suffering but to share their joy. This is, of course, precisely what you have established at this gathering, where so many people have come together for one purpose. So I wish to share with you how it looks from the ascended perspective, when almost a 100 people give a rosary in unison.

I had this messenger sit quietly and listen as you gave this rosary in the Russian language. Given that he does not speak Russian, he did not understand the words, even though he knows the words in English. So, I inspired him to quiet the mind and simply listen to the rhythm of the language, and even beyond the rhythm of the spoken word. He began to sense the vibration produced by the spoken word. And as he allowed himself to come into sync with that vibration, he began to feel what we in the ascended realm feel: That when you come together and give these invocations and rosaries, you create a rhythmic pulse, almost like a heart beat, although with a different rhythm.

And it becomes a vibrating pulse of energy. And it sends out waves of energy from the place, where you give the rosary. And as these waves move out from the center, they begin to move through the mass consciousness and the four lower bodies of Mother Earth. And if you could see this from above, you would see that if you looked down upon this conference hall from a great height, you could see, almost like the seismic waves produced by an earthquake, spreading out from the epicenter in greater and greater rings. And as they did, they would vibrate up and down, they would oscillate, and they would thereby cause the entire mass consciousness and the four lower bodies to begin to vibrate in sync with this wave.

And of course, the wave that you produce is a very harmonious wave, because not only do you come together in unison, but of course the rosaries are designed to produce a very harmonious, rhythmic vibration. And so, my beloved, what you produce when so many people give a rosary is indeed wave after wave of these rhythmic vibrations, that are so unlike what is found in the mass consciousness.

And you know how the rhythmic waves of an earthquake can shake apart buildings, even mountains. And therefore, you might think of this as a destructive force. But you see, the rhythm you produce through a rosary is not a destructive force. It is a harmonious, unifying force. But of course, that which is inharmonious in the mass consciousness – that which is anti-unity, anti-oneness – will indeed be shaken apart by the vibrations you produce through this harmony and unity.

For that which is closed, that which is rigid, that which has become a closed system, a closed structure, cannot vibrate with the rhythm you produce. And my beloved, that which cannot vibrate with the rhythm of harmony, must be shaken apart by the rhythm of harmony. This, again, does not mean that you create a destructive force. It means that you create a liberating force, that will shake apart the very patterns that keep people trapped.

And so, if you could see from the ascended perspective, you would see that – beginning this morning when you started this gathering, even yesterday when you had your smaller gathering – you have already produced a tremendous wave action, that has spread out from this place and has shaken apart certain manifestations, certain rigid structures, in the mass consciousness. And right now, this wave has spread so far beyond your center, that it has already begun to go deep into China, approaching Peking. Where it will, as you continue today and tomorrow, eventually reach the Chinese Capital and even go beyond, until it reaches even further to Japan and into Russia, even reaching all the way to Moscow and St. Petersburg.

And thus, what will begin to happen is that this desire for harmony and oneness – that has brought all of you together in this focal point of Central Asia – will spread like rings in the water, until it will begin to shake apart those rigid structures. And, my beloved, it is very important that these structures are shaken apart here at the end of the Year of the Mother.

2012 is the year to flow with the Spirit
For I tell you, that in the coming Year of the Holy Spirit, only that which is flexible, only that which is able and willing to flow with the Spirit, as it moves in spontaneous and unpredictable ways, will be able to survive. For rigidity and closed systems have no place in the Year of the Holy Spirit.

And thus, you may indeed look to the coming year of 2012, and you may think about the many prophecies that have been given about the end of the world, or the end of certain cycles, or the end of time. And of course, as we have said before, this does not mean the literal end of the world. But it does mean that there are certain structures that have stood for many years, even eons, that will be shaken apart as the winds of the Holy Spirit – as the seismic waves of the Holy Spirit – begin to engulf the entire planet in this coming year.

And so, that which cannot move with the undulating waves, the oscillating waves of the Spirit, will begin to shake. And as it begins to shake more and more, it will begin to break apart.

A special gift for the freedom of women

And so, indeed, I come to give you another gift, to build upon what has been released by the Elohim Cyclopea and Virginia and by Saint Germain. For I will anchor, along with Saint Germain's Flame of Freedom, a special version of the freedom flame, that is designed specifically to work for the freedom of women.

For truly, as you know, women have been suppressed in all societies for thousands of years. And this has had the effect that women have in many cultures not been allowed to be the open doors for the flow of the Spirit. Just look at how many religions tolerate women as followers, maybe tolerate them as nuns, but do not allow them into leadership positions or into positions of priests or preachers, or whatever the religion has. Even the religion of Buddhism does not truly recognize women with the same and full equality that men have.

And so, when you look at the former Soviet Union, you will, of course, see there, again, a political system, that systematically suppressed women and did not allow them into leadership positions. You will see the same in China. Just look at the Communist Party and its organization in China. Just look: where are the women, where are the women in society? They are mothers, they are housewives, they are sex slaves, they are workers in the factories or in the fields. But where are they allowed in leadership positions? Where are they allowed to speak out?

And so you see, my beloved, the Holy Spirit bloweth where it listeth. The Holy Spirit does not discriminate based on man-made divisions. It does not discriminate based on religion. It does not discriminate based on political beliefs and ideologies. It does not discriminate based on race, based on age, based on ethnicity, based on nationality. But first and foremost, the Holy Spirit does not discriminate between men and women.

The Holy Spirit wants to be expressed equally through men and women. And thus, a society cannot truly flow with the Holy Spirit if women are suppressed, if they are not allowed to have a voice, both in the religious field, and in the political field, and in the scientific field, and in any other field of society.

How can there be the free flow of the Holy Spirit, if women are not allowed to be the open doors for the Spirit? How can there be harmony and unity in a society, if women are suppressed—and therefore are not allowed to balance the men. Who cannot balance themselves, as has been proven, over and over again, by male-dominated religions, by male-dominated political establishments, by male-dominated businesses.

Do you not see, my beloved, that men cannot balance themselves? If you saw a society that was led by women, you would see that they cannot balance themselves either. Both are needed—men and women working in harmony, in unison, eventually achieving not just a physical union but a higher oneness of Spirit, that then becomes the model of the higher oneness between Spirit and matter.

For how can there be oneness between Spirit and matter, if there is not oneness between men and women in a society or in the family? It cannot be so, and that is why you can look at the religions where only men are priests, and you will see that there is no longer the flow of the Spirit. Which is why most of them are losing followers. They are not attracting new followers, for they cannot meet the spiritual needs of today's people—for the people of today sense that need for harmony, and oneness, and balance.

And so, the flame that I anchor here in this former nuclear testing site is indeed a flame that will go out, blending with the Freedom Flame of Saint Germain, blending with the vision of the all seeing eye of God, and therefore spreading like rings in the water. Shaking apart those male-dominated structures, until they face the simple choice to perish or to allow women into their closed circles.

The power elite fear women

This, my beloved, is what many among the power elite fear more than anything else. If you could go to some of the political establishments – such as what you see in Russia today, and in China today, and in Japan, and in other South-East Asian countries – you will see that the men who have been running these countries, now for a long time, have a complete fear of allowing women to come into positions of power.

They will, in their outer minds, excuse this in many ways by saying that women are not worthy. "What do women know of politics?" But I tell you, it is truly the fear that they know that their domination of these nations is based on the unbalanced expression of the masculine element and its abuse of power—and that when women are allowed to come in, they cannot express this unbalanced manifestation of the male element. And when they come into balance, they cannot exercise power over the people. Thus, they have a fear that their people will come into balance between masculine and feminine, for then they know they can no longer control them.

And thus, you will see that in this Year of the Mother, a number of these male dictators, that have been around for decades, have finally fallen. You saw it in Egypt, you saw it in Libya. You are seeing what is going on in Syria. You have seen, just within recent months, how the people of Russia are standing up to the political establishment. And you will begin to see, in the coming year, how the people of China – how the people of other South-East Asian nations and how the people of Japan – will stand up and demand more balanced leadership.

But first of all, you will begin to see this in Islamic countries. For when you look at the modern world, you will see that even though the Catholic Church still does not allow women to be priests, there has in most Western countries been an increasing equality between the sexes. And thus, you can say that in the West, and in the predominantly Christian nations, there has been at least a growth in equality.

So when you look at the modern world, you will see that the two big polarities, that have been responsible for the suppression of women, have been communism and Islam. Communism has fallen. And I will tell you, that if Islam does not change, it too will begin to fall apart, as I have said before, through internal strife rather than an external pressure.

You already see the seeds of conflict brewing in Syria, in Iraq, in Iran, in Pakistan. Yet it is also under the surface in many other nations, and I can assure you that in the Year of the Holy Spirit, if there is not change – if there is not a willingness to modernize, if there is not the willingness to give up the demand to have societies based on Islamic law – then conflicts will break out here, there and seemingly everywhere.

The need for a world-wide movement to liberate women
The only thing that can avoid this is, indeed, that the women throughout the world begin to rise up and show solidarity with each other. When will there be a worldwide movement of women, who will stand up and work for the freedom and the equality of women around the globe?

When will there be a worldwide movement of women and men, coming together, focusing on the need to set women free from the very things that have been enslaving them for hundreds if not thousands of years? When will there be a movement who says "Enough is enough!" to the blatant abuse of women, such as the sex trade industry, pornography, sex slaves, human trafficking—all of this nonsense that should not be going on in the modern world, my beloved.

Am I stern? Yes, I am stern. For I am a woman, and I am in solidarity with all women on Earth. In my last embodiment, I gave birth to the Christ child, but why was I able to hold the balance for the birth of a child with such attainment—whether that child had been male or female? It was because I had taken a stand for myself as a woman. Do you think I would have accepted being treated the way many women are still treated today? Nay!

Do you think I would have accepted being treated, 2,000 years ago, the ways most women were treated back then? Nay! I can assure you, my beloved, that in the beginning of our relationship, my beloved Joseph had a tendency to be like all men of his culture. This is not to find fault with my beloved Saint Germain, but I tell you there where times where I had to stand firm, look him straight in the eye, and tell him in no uncertain terms that I was not going to submit to this kind of treatment of women. That is why I could hold the balance for the Christ child: because I was firm in myself.

There are many women throughout the world who have reached that level, where they can take a stand for themselves. But you will see, that many of these women do not have a need to take a stand for themselves, because their subconscious attainment has already magnetized to them a situation, where they are not suppressed by men or by society.

But when will those women, found all over the world, stand up and say: "Well then we will take a stand for those of our sisters, who are not yet able to take a stand for themselves?" When will women come together and say: "We will not tolerate that women are treated the way they are treated in some parts of the world. It is not a matter of local rights or local traditions or local customs that women in Africa are circumcised. This is a planetary issue that involves women everywhere, and we will no longer accept this going on in the modern world."

"We will not accept that women in Saudi Arabia cannot get a driver's license, cannot drive a car, cannot vote. We will not accept that women are sold into sexual slavery over and over again. We will not accept that female children in India and other nations are considered of no value. Or are sold into sexual slavery, so that the rest of the family can live off that money. We will not accept societies that place so little value on women, that they allow this to go on in a systematic, almost institutionalized manner. And therefore, we as women will demand better treatments—or we will boycott all goods produced in those countries."

This, my beloved, is my great hope for the year of 2012. I am not saying that there are not already organizations that seek to help women. But I am saying that there has not yet been a global initiative, a global awareness, where women come together in one worldwide organization and fight for the rights of women everywhere.

It is time, and I am calling the women in the rich and privileged nations to wake up and realize it is their opportunity, their calling, their mission, to show solidarity with the women in less fortunate nations and demand better treatment, better rights. It is time for this movement to come forth and I, Mother Mary, demand it come forth in the physical in this coming year.

Truly, there are already women who are prepared at inner levels to make this a reality. And my call is simply to send shockwaves through the mass consciousness, to activate these women and the men who are likewise prepared to be part of this endeavor. For we are, of course, not looking for some Amazonian movement that seeks to castrate the men, or subject them to the same slavery to which women have been subjected.

We are looking for people who have the balance of masculine and feminine in themselves, so they can come together in a higher oneness between the sexes, and therefore work together to bring out the awareness that needs to spread like a wildfire through the national consciousness, through the global consciousness.

A new way to look at the rights of women
It is, indeed, necessary to focus on the rights of women in a way that has never been done before. It is the only thing that will prevent, that 2012 lives up to some of the more dire prophecies. For indeed, the balance between masculine and feminine, as I have already said, is the only way that the Spirit can flow freely. And only when the Spirit can flow freely, can 2012 live up to its highest potential of being a major turning point and a major point of transcendence in the history of this planet.

This is indeed the high potential and the low potential for the Year of the Spirit. Either way, change will come. It is a matter of whether things can break up and start flowing, or whether they will be shaken apart and disintegrate.

Picture in your mind a river, in one of the colder regions of the Earth, that completely freezes in the winter. This is one rigid sheet of ice from the beginning of the river to its mouth into the ocean. Yet in the spring, when the warm weather comes, this solid ice begins to soften, and eventually it begins to break up. And then, you see how, suddenly, the entire sheet of ice starts moving. All of the broken-up pieces start moving, and precisely because they are broken up, they can move towards the ocean, where they either melt or spread out, so that the river is clear and can flow unhindered.

This process of breaking up the old structures has already begun, but it is this final year – of the four-year cycle that we have talked about – that will be the "make it or break it" moment, where we will see whether the individual pieces can begin to move towards the ocean of the new age. Or whether they will still be held in place, and therefore must continue to disintegrate even further, until they become pummeled against each other, so there is nothing left but dust.

As the Old Testament says: "From dust you have come, and to dust you shall return." Unless you are willing to transcend the level of dust – the level of the Earth, the level of the material – and spiritualize your consciousness. For then, you will not return to dust; you will continue in the transcending spiral, and therefore flow with the Holy Spirit, as it flows on and on and on, seeking to raise all life.

People will become more extreme in 2012

Thus, there is a great need for forgiveness: for forgiveness without reason, the forgiveness that passes understanding. For it is driven by one thing only: to set yourself free from whatever happened in the past, but also to set free the very people who did certain things to you in the past. For you no longer have any desire to punish them. You have a desire just to see all life be free.

What you will see in the Year of the Holy Spirit is that it will become more and more obvious, who is trapped in the fallen consciousness and who is willing to transcend it. And I tell you, that those who are trapped in the fallen consciousness, are those who are not willing to forgive, to let go, to move on—those who hold grudges, those who seek to punish.

They are the ones who will become more and more entrenched in their hatred of others, which is truly the hatred of self. So you might see, that love is the universal solvent, that makes everything flow. And the opposite of love is in this instance hatred, which is what makes everything stiffen, freeze, fixated in a fixed matrix, where it cannot move.

And those who will not move with love, will indeed destroy themselves. Because their self-hatred will become so intense, that it will be turned upon themselves, so they will start fighting amongst each other. Or even becoming so torn apart by the contradictions in their own psyche, that they cannot maintain their sanity. And thus, you will see, in this coming Year of the Holy Spirit, that those who are not willing to forgive, to just let go, will manifest more and more extreme psychological conditions. Until it becomes obvious, that they are suffering from a mental illness that is so severe, that they cannot even function in society.

There are already some of the affluent nations who have begun to realize, that mental illness is the major health issue – public health issue – in the coming decades. But this will be accelerated greatly in the Year of the Holy Spirit. For those who will not flow, will have to become more and more extreme in order to hold on. And that desire to hold on will generate a force, that will split apart the psyche, to where people can no longer "hold it together," as they say. Where groups can no longer hold it together, where nations can no longer hold it together, where religions can no longer hold it together.

And thus, you will see not only the acting out in more and more extreme ways, but you will even see how the acting out will be transcended, to where people will be so paralyzed by their own psychological conflicts, that they cannot even act out. They cannot even fight others, for they simply sit there and disintegrate in the closed systems of their own psyches.

This is not to say, my beloved, that I am giving a dire prophecy. On the contrary, I am simply letting you know what is the portents for this coming year, seen from the perspective of the Mother.

2011 was a great victory

Yet I tell you, that from the perspective of the Mother, I look back at the year 2011, and I see that despite some serious events taking place in the world, the year as a whole has been a great victory for the progression of humankind. So many things have begun to break up, so many things have begun to become obvious.

Even the movement to Occupy Wall Street and other financial centers is a sign, that the people have had enough of the rigid power structures of the financial system. Again, we are not saying that we of the Ascended Host approve of everything that is going on, for surely there are more creative ways to protest. Nevertheless, the reality is that protests must start somewhere, and people must start speaking out based on the state of consciousness that they have.

Surely, we do not approve of violent protests of any kind. Yet we also see that when people in Islamic nations, such as Egypt or Syria, have been suppressed for so long, well then it is almost inevitable that there will be some violence when they finally begin to speak out against the oppressive regimes. And thus, while we do not encourage or condone this, we know that it is sometimes a necessary step. For the people must begin to express themselves, before they can find a balance.

And of course, you will see, if you look more closely, that in some of the countries where there have been nonviolent protests, it is because there has been a participation of both men and women. Whereas it is primarily in countries where women have not been part of the protests in sufficient measure, that you see the outbreak of violence, such as the civil war you saw in Libya and the beginnings of a civil war you see in Syria and also in Iraq.

Thus, again, I reinforce the call for women throughout the world to rise up and take a stand for the liberation of women. And I also reinforce the call for the men who are balanced, who have balanced the masculine and feminine aspects of their own beings, to also stand up.

But I do tell you, that due to the ongoing and very ancient oppression of women, it is necessary that the men in this new movement see themselves in a supportive role. And they allow women to take leadership roles, so that they can set an example of how women can indeed be a beneficial balancing force in society. And can bring about real change, that will benefit both men and women, that will benefit nations, that will benefit religions, political systems and even the economy and the worldwide system—which is not so much a system, as it is the deeper sense of oneness among humanity.

The year of the rising up of women

Truly, without oneness between men and women, without a balanced interaction between men and women, the world cannot transcend the level of conflict and duality. And thus, this year 2012 is indeed the year of the rising up of women everywhere. It is the year of the rising up of the female element in both men and women, so that the men will also find a new balance. Where, suddenly, it is as if they awaken from a long sleep, and they look around and they say: "How could we have upheld these old systems for so long, when it is so obvious that they do not work?"

Well, it is obvious only because there has been a shift in consciousness. And this is, indeed, the shift that Saint Germain and I, as Joseph and Mary of Old, have come to bring with our twin ray of the masculine and feminine aspects of freedom. Where we aim to bring about the union of men and women, that can give birth to the Christ in both men and women, that will give birth to the Christ child; not as a physical child – although this may indeed happen in some cases – but first of all the birth of the Christ child in all aspects of society.

Where a new awareness will be born, and people will realize that something has fundamentally changed on Earth. Because something has fundamentally changed in their consciousness, where they know that enough is enough, and the old systems are no longer sufficient. And we are simply leaving them behind and moving towards an entirely new approach, that is, as has already been said, not a system but indeed an entirely new approach, where we are willing to flow with the Spirit. The flow of the Spirit that we have, because we have come into unison, balance, higher oneness between masculine and feminine.

This is the vision I hold. This is the vision I give to all people everywhere on planet Earth today. Let it spread as rings in the water of the mass consciousness, and let it shake apart the rigid structures, that seek to maintain the suppression of women and a male-dominated society.

No more shall this stand—for I, Mother Mary, will stand. And I will stand for women everywhere. And given that I have no physical body, I do not tire. And I will stand for women throughout this entire year of 2012 and beyond. And I make the call: "Who will stand with me?"


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