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The Golden Age of Saint Germain

Saint Germain 2

The Age of Christ or Aquarius & The Divine plan to save the world:  Nesara Gesara

The Age of Aquarius is a period of 2150 years that we entered in the early twenty-first century. When I was young in the 1960s, my girlfriend and I attended the musical "HAIR" that was performed in Amsterdam. The famous song "Aquarius" is about the deeply felt expectation of my Hippie generation that a new, more enlightened era would soon dawn in which "Love and Peace" would reign supreme on earth. And because even the Bible predicts this coming age as "The Millennium," the time when Christ will reign on earth, I became more and more convinced that we were born to be forerunners of all that this Golden Age represents.

By Roeland Solcer

I think you could call me a new ager and a conspiracy theorist at the time, because my generation was also aware of the massive corruption in high places that to some extent prevented this Golden Age from manifesting as quickly as we wanted. So I've always been a bit suspicious when authorities in church and state impose new laws and regulations on the people. Mind you, we lived through the assassination of President JFK in the 1960s, and while we had no way of knowing exactly what was going on at the time, we intuitively knew that "something was rotten in the state of Denmark" (U.S. and the world). It took me a lifetime to find out what was really going on on earth, became a student of several esoteric schools since my early twenties, and ended up as a student of the Ascended Masters. In fact most people are students in the Universal Mystery School of the Great White Brotherhood, which oversees this planet on which we participate in the School of Life.

Saint Germain's  Ascended Master view on "Money & Raising up the Mother in the Economy"

" Thus, I will now shift gears and give you a short discourse on what is actually part of the theme for this conference of raising up the Mother – the Mother Light – my beloved. For you realize, I am sure, that anything that takes place in this material realm is part of the Mother. And for there to be a Golden Age, my beloved, we must raise up the expressions of the Mother in all aspects of society. So based on the recent turmoil in the economy, I wish to make a few remarks about the golden age economy and how there must be change compared to the economy you see today. 
And so my beloved, I will begin my going to the very core of the issue of the economy, which of course is money itself, my beloved. For you see, money is an expression of the Mother. Money, in its pure form, is a pure expression of the Mother, my beloved.
And I know that as spiritual people, you may often have had a somewhat ambivalent, or even negative, attitude towards money, being based on Jesus’ statement that you cannot serve God and mammon, or the commonly circulated statement that money is the root of all evil. Well you see, my beloved, in its pure form money is not the root of all evil nor is money actually the mammon that Jesus talked about when he made the remark that you cannot serve two masters. For you see, my beloved, the true masters that you cannot serve are the true master of the Christ and the false master of anti-christ—the false identity of the ego. 
And so, you see that money, my beloved, is – in its pure form – two things: it is a medium of exchange, and it is a way to store value for different times when that value is needed and cannot be produced on a short-term basis. And my beloved, if the money system in the world was still in its pure form as a medium of exchange and a short term storage of value, well then, my beloved, you would not have the problems that you have in the economy today. 
And thus you will see, my beloved, that after money was created, a different possibility came into being, namely that money – instead of being a medium of exchange and a storage of value, instead of being a means to an end – well then, some people turned money into an end in itself. 
They saw that by perverting the money system beyond its original intent and design, they could use money not only to gather privileges for themselves – that they could buy with money that they hoard for themselves – but they could go beyond that and use money to further their never-ending quest for power and control over the people".

 The Ascended Master Saint Germain 

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Below you find an excellent and long video about Saint Germain, the Chohan of the 7th  Violet Ray of God's Light, and Hierarch of the Age of Aquarius.

( follow up of my previous article " Nesara Gesara the best is yet to come", follow link below this article ) 

Description:Change is on the Horizon is a three hour documentary written, narrated, and produced by James Rink which explains the NESARA Mission. NESARA stands for the National Economic Security and Reformation Act passed by congress and signed into law October 10, 2000. The law does away with the IRS, Federal Reserve, returns us back to constitutional law, releases enormous amount of wealth from Saint Germain's World Trust, plus much more. I created this documentary to help explain how this is possible. Part One we start in Tudor England to learn about Saint Germain. Part Two we learn how the bankers tried to destroy Saint Germain's mission. Part Three we learn how humanity would be set free. This video was originally released in 2011 and went viral receiving 5 million views but quickly was suppressed by the Youtube algorithm. I have since updated the video slightly for 2020 audiences and added some new content. This video took me three years to make ; and because of the practically zero budget I had to use low quality footage. I stared working on this project in 2008 because almost no one else would touch this subject matter, at that time, and do so in a way that was easy to understand. After giving up trying to find volunteers or a financial backer to support me, I decided to do all the work myself. Since the law covers banking, constitutional law, and major reformations I had to start in Tudor England to explain how the world became so unhinged. It was never my goal for this to be three hours long but that's how long it took to explain what was going on. To answer some of the controversies. People are complaining about seeing Joe Biden's picture next to Senator Sam Nunn. This is what Shaini Goodwin, aka Dove of Oneness said to be true. Since she died on May 30th 2010, I am unable to get clarification from her. I do agree Biden is very dirty now and probably was replaced with a clone just like Janet Reno, Rubin, and Clinton. Also in this video I point jabs on the Rothschild's so much in part because of how they screwed Saint Germain; but there are more powerful and wealthy bloodlines that run this planet. Namely the Payseurs bloodline , who ran the railroad and manufacturing empires and are now worth $4 quad as opposed to the $600 trillion of the Rothschild's. Much more could have been said all about this as well as discussions about their secret space program connections. You may have noticed I didn't talk about the dragon family gold or the RV of the currencies. Much more could have been discussed, if I didn't get everything I do apologize as I needed to limit the time of this video for the sake of the listener's attention span. I also want to mention this script, which I wrote years ago, has been slowing changing on the internet, namely people have been changing the acronym of NESARA back to Harvey Bernard's NESARA law in order to create confusion; as well as changing key provisions behind the law such as raising the national sales tax rate figure from 14% to 17%. The key provisions shown in this video originally came from Shaini Goodwin's nesara.us website which no longer exists. So sit back, relax, and prepare to open your mind. Youtube has demonetized my videos please consider supporting me with a donation at: http://www.healingsoulsurvivors.org Or you can purchase a meditation device at: http://www.neologicaltech.com Disclaimer: James Rink and Neological Technologies does not necessarily vouch for the validity of any of the views expressed in this video and shall be held harmless by all third parties. Meditation and any information provided here is offered to treat for entertainment purposes only. Discernment is always required.

Video: Hair - Movie clip

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