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Election-Fraud in The Netherlands 2023





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It is not easy to be an intuitive person in this society; you live in a parallel society, characterized by a higher frequency and as a result, most people do not understand your vision and quickly declare you an outsider, conspiracy lunatic, alu-hat and not of this world. In the latter case they are right, the 2 times born are not of this world!, according to Jesus.
Things that are quickly solved by intuition and are therefore predictable and true, such as "election fraud", which has not yet been proven and / or conclusively proven, can stir tempers violently, especially in an information war, in which enormous interests are at stake.
I wrote on Facebook on March 8, 2023:
Dear friends,
"Facebook continues to terrorize the Party for Love Governance with all kinds of censoring measures such as removing messages, preventing the sharing of messages under the flag of the Party on my personal page, deliberately not sharing messages with followers and / or my circle of friends, etc.
Facebook has also rejected several ads from the Party for Love Governance because they don't like the content. As mentioned earlier, Facebook has disabled both my original personal account, my practice account and the account of the Partij voor de Liefde / Party for Love Governance in the past. These accounts contain 10 years of important daily information about scientific research, research into the NWO conspiracy against humanity, but also personal memories countless videos and photos.
To date, these accounts are not accessible and probably I'll never get them back... This has happened to countless people worldwide who have been Trump and Q supporters or "Plandemic, vaccins NWO and 5G critics" in the past 7 years. We were discriminated against by everyone and everything and dismissed as "conspiracy idiots".
The reason we're back on Facebook is to reach people, but it doesn't really get along with this ongoing censorship. Facebook is still going ahead with this insane policy, even now after it has become clear that on almost all points the Party for Love Governance has brought the Truth about COVID, the JABS, the NWO and about President Trump. You can help by sharing the messages of the Party for Love Governance.. I understand that you need the necessary courage and motivation to do so. When you know what is at stake in this information war, it is not difficult to stand up against all forms of tyranny and oppression.
FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION, FREEDOM & RESPONSIBILITY to choose which cures and medicines we do or do not apply to ourselves and our children, FREEDOM of information exchange on social media, FREEDOM TO THINK FOR OURSELVES and draw our own conclusions, FREEDOM to live Life as you want without harming others, it is our GOD-given BIRTHRIGHT!
No one should be allowed to take this FREEDOM & RESPONSIBILITY from us, no one!
And we as adults are all RESPONSIBLE for defending this FREEDOM"

Situation just after the March 15 elections March 2023:

Must see: Mike Adams , The Heallth Ranger interviews Michael Yon, who reports from The Netherlands on the FARM LAND GRAB fiasco going down

The topic "Election fraud is currently being strictly censored on FB, and other MSM outlets, and that is why we are posting the important information on our website again.

The topic "Election fraud is currently being strictly censored on FB, and other MSM outlets, and that is why we are posting the important information on our website again.

Main Stream Media has seized every opportunity to frame and demonize the real opposition party, "Forum for Democracy" and its leader Thierry Baudet over the past 3 years. The new strategy also includes deliberately remaining silent about anything that could put this movement in a positive light in the eyes of voters. Alternative media are now winning the war.

God Bless the Digital Warriors worldwide such as these excellent and brave initiatives:

"Police for Freedom"
Police for Freedom:  Watching the counting of votes in the Provincial Council Elections

"The first phase was successful. On March 15 and 16, some 1500 volunteers went to work to monitor the elections. Where a piece of information and organization is centrally provided. We are well aware that we are all building something completely new. Something for which no handbook has been written. We are therefore extremely proud that we can and must set this up together with you. The need for independent control has been clearly confirmed. It has been a busy period for everyone who is part of this project. A period that has already yielded a lot. But it's not done yet.

Our goal is above all to continue to use the power of the masses. We can all do this because of that mass, all of you. Not only people who have gone on the road, but everyone who supports this project, physically, mentally, close, far away, online or offline. What's next? The new phase that is now dawning is collecting and making an inventory of the masses of information gained and then finding a good way to make it transparent to everyone. That's a tall order, but we're going to succeed. The volunteers have since been emailed about this. Overall, the plan is to develop this phenomenon of 'control elections' into a permanent project around the elections. Trust is good, control is better.

Meer info: https://controle-verkiezingen.nl/ 

"Stop World Control" sums it up:

Could it be that the Netherlands has become a banana republic, where the government cheats with the votes of the people? For many Dutch people it sounds unlikely. "This is not America!" some say indignantly. They are referring to the election fraud that recently took place in America. The sudden growth of the Forum of Democracy, which had an unprecedented rise of thousands of Dutch people throughout the country during their 'freedom caravans', is therefore an annoying development.

For the globalists, however, this is not a problem: the elections can easily be controlled. The difference between America and the Netherlands does not appear to be that big. After all, these globalists work in the same way in every country.

Following Rutte's example, Kaag wants to erode the individuality of the Netherlands even more, in favour of this globalist plan (source). To achieve their goal, they must make these two parties the largest in the Netherlands: VVD and D66. They are nothing but the local employees of the World Economic Forum. Insecure computer systems Many Dutch people think that election fraud in our country is more difficult, because everything is done on paper. What these people do not understand, however, is that all the data of the ballots is entered into a computer system.

 D66 'controls' voting software Just before the elections, the election software was briefly 'checked' by HackDefense. Who owns that business? Mark Koek, a D66 group chairman (source) who hates FVD and Baudet, as evidenced by the tweet below:

According to the polls, Kaag had no chance, while Baudet is supported by millions of Dutch people who long for freedom. The results of the elections are therefore surreal: against all possibilities, Kaag has risen staggeringly, while the FVD scores disappointingly low. It should have been the opposite. What happened? We'll take a closer look at some things...

 1. Unsafe computer systems

Many Dutch people think that election fraud in our country is more difficult, because everything is done on paper. What these people do not understand, however, is that all the data of the ballots is entered into a computer system.As various computer experts explain in the videos below: the software that processes the totals is programmed in such a way that it is ridiculously easy to defraud.

2. Notable Fraud

In the video below, Willem Engel, explains how remarkable fraud was detected in Haarlem, The Hague, Bonaire, Lelystad and Amsterdam.

✔︎ Large numbers of original voting lists were bizarrely rejected

✔︎ Several constituencies were not allocated

✔︎ Checking counting was thwarted

✔︎ Various lists that Engel submitted himself ended up in the wrong place

✔︎ Statements of support were wrongly rejected

See video


3. Ballot papers disappeared

In Rotterdam, 568 ballots disappeared. Think for a moment how big a single ballot is.... You don't just lose that, do you? (source)

4. Votes are eliminated

Voters complain on social media that they discovered that their vote for the FVD was not registered. When checked, their vote is nowhere to be found in the final results. unsecured ballot boxes From all over the country there are reports of ballot boxes that... were unsecured. There was no lock on it! Everyone had free access to the thousands of votes.

5. Unreliable postal votes introduced

Just as in America, voting by mail was now made possible for the first time in the Netherlands, a hotly contested method that opens up various possibilities for fraud. After all, much less identity verification is possible and it offers an untraceable possibility for changing ballot papers. Moreover, many thousands of postal votes turned out to be invalid (source).

6. Voting card for past

In addition, hundreds of voting passes were issued for the deceased! (source) big difference The tables below show an abnormally large difference between the results of a polling station and the totals of the municipality. In the polling station, the FVD scored higher than the VVD and D66, but these two parties received many times more votes in the municipality than the FVD.

7. First names Forum for Democracy members omitted

It is also strange that the FVD is the only party whose first names were omitted on the ballot papers. Moreover, the candidates were not mentioned whether they were male or female. For all other parties, that important information was there. If they had tried to deliberately disadvantage the FVD, they would not have done it any other way.

8 Billboard signs FVD removed

In some Dutch municipalities, campaign signs for the FVD were even removed... by the municipality itself! The only party that is in favour of freedom and the preservation of our rights was deliberately sabotaged.


See also: "Elections: Never before has fraud been so visible ! "We are already used to a lot of election fraud worldwide, but the Netherlands took the crown yesterday. A hopeless BBB suddenly wins gloriously. Ok, so far, but the fact that the largest and most popular party is being wiped out is numerically impossible.


Gezond Verstand: Karel van Wolveren
The flags are put back upright and the tractors no longer pull out. The citizens would supposedly be jubilant. And if you read the election manifesto, a lot of people are satisfied. This is what emeritus professor Karel van Wolferen, editor-in-chief of the magazine "Gezond Verstand", says about BBB's monster victory.
 Stichting JAS:
"An almost unknown small clown party BBB happens to win gloriously, just like clown party D66 in the last elections (election fraud). And coincidentally, a small BBB party wins convincingly in all 12 provinces? Funny! Due to profit fraud BoerBurgerBeweging, Mark Rutte club, despite losing with their policy, is still the winner in seats. The BoerBurgerBeweging pretends to be an opposition to the established order, when in reality they are under the control of that same establishment. This BBB, which does not call itself right-wing and was founded to snatch the votes of PVV and FvD, presents itself as a party for the common man in the countryside, but consists of businessmen with a successful communication agency that works for controversial multinationals. Van der Plas arrived at the courtyard in a tractor.
However, this playful action had only one goal: to appear clumsy, somewhat silly so that people see BBB as a simple peasant party and not as the marketing tool of billion-dollar companies that they actually are... The BoerBurgerBeweging is a sheep in wolf clothes that only adapts to bigger plans and joins the WEF circus. BBB is a marketing tool of billion-dollar companies. The companies Bayer and Monsanto (Bayer owns Monsanto) are customers of marketing company Remarkable. The founder/owner Wim Groot Koerkamp and marketing director Henk Vermeer are again secretary and treasurer at the BBB. Vermeer is also campaign manager for the BBB. The address of the BBB is the same as the Bayer/Monsanto communication agency in the Netherlands.
Monsanto, Cargill and Dupont have purchased nearly 17 million hectares of farmland in Ukraine. That is about 60% of the available agricultural land in Ukraine. The cartel politicians will never say that because their mission is the destruction of the nation states – through supranationalism, mass immigration and because the economy is completely destroyed and we become dependent on Bill Gates, Monsanto, etc: the energy and climate transition. In their mission statement, BBB openly mentions that the party originated from an initiative by Caroline van der Plas horse of Troy and ReMarkAble, but otherwise the collaboration is hardly mentioned.
To be continued...

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