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De Vijfde Colonne - La Quinta Columna - The Fifth Column

5th column


La Quinta Columna continues to inform people with their investigations reaching deeper and deeper. Bio statistician Ricardo Delgado and Dr. José Luis Sevillano reach further every day with their conclusions about this false pandemic. 

From the very beginning of this "Plandemic" in the spring of 2020, I published on our website and social platforms, many warnings and scientific reports about hidden dangers and connections between 3,4,5G, Covid-19 and the COVID-19 vaccinations, that I could also intuitively sense .

Few believed it, though there were already scientific studies that proved this.

Now there is much more proof that it is all connected and has been planned by the cabal for decades.

Here is proof how the jabs create a Mac address in your body (by self assembling nanotechnology ), to connect people to a remote server by Bluetooth ( for instance your smartphone) that itself is connected to the internet

This Mac address is your " Number of the Beast"...

Furthermore the video explains how the jabs containing highly toxic graphene contribute to worldwide genocide of the population

? Roeland Solcer
Founder of the Party for Love Governance

In an interview that La Quinta Columna gave for the Paraguayan channel La Bitácora, biostatistician Ricardo Delgado gave a brief but accurate explanation of the relationship between the self-assembling structures that he and his team have found in vaccination vials with graphene oxide and the generation of MAC addresses.


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Below is a video that was published on April 3 2020 in which i explain my view of the "Plandemic Hoax" and the connection to EMF / 4,5G. At that time i thought Aluminum was in the jabs, now we know better, it is the graphene oxide in combination with 4,5G that is causing most of the "side effects" ( i.e. intended effects) of these bio- weapons that are used for worldwide genocide...  Most people didn´t believe me of course. Now in 2023 the world finally starts to understand that all those NWO conspiracy theories that we presented in the past 17 years are  "Conspiracy facts"!


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