'My People Perish for Lack of Knowledge'

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We have come to the final act in the movie we have been living through for four years now. In this act we experience the climax of the storm in which the Deep State Cabal Swamp is fully exposed all over the world. We told you WW3 is most of all an "Information War"and this website of "The Party for Love Governance" has been dedicated to inform you about what truly has been going on in the worldi in the past years.

What a journey it was , these last 10 years. From the moment Donald Trump announced that he was going to run for the Presidency of the USA, i knew that finally our time had come.

Since the beginning of the sixties, of the previous century, marked by the assasination of JFK, we watched the rapid decline of true moral values in geopolitics, The divide and conquer tactics of the Power Elite of this world became more obvious in the East - West , first , second and third world view and the  Capitalism versus Communism narratives we were told at school and in the media.

The medical mafia

For me as a classical trained homeopathic Practitionar and Natural Healing therapist,  it was already very obvious that the academic medical establishment was completely overtaken by the Rockefeller Empire and their petroleum based medicines.  It was for instance already known by us, the so called "conspiracy theorists", that HIV/AIDS was a man made disease and that the whole virus theory is a fraud. But it was almost impossible to tell these things in public, for at that time hardly anybody was aware what was going on. Today and in the near future we will see the downfall of all  these corrupt institutions and the rise of more natural plant based medicines and alternative therapies using light , sound  and other frequencies.Med Beds are coming soon!


God's Trumpet

Before 2016 Donald Trump was already announced by several trustworthy prophets as being appointed by God to fight for the people and my own intuition has been perfectly in line with that message. So I started to endorse his candidacy in my work as a digital warrior. From that moment many people including the social media giants started to pick on people like me and the aggression grew by the day.

We joined the Q Movement and started in March 2020 to warn the people that the whole Covid thing was a "Plandemic" and that the "coming vaccinations" in combination with the roll out of 5G would be a time released bioweapon to cause genocide on a global scale.The NWO Power Elite's information about their main goal on the Georgia Guidestones was very clear:  "Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature."

We have been informing you about these main topics, the worldwide NWO conspiracies like the  "Climate change / CO2 hoax¨ and the genocide of 95% of humanity by poisining us with chemicals in the air (chemtrails) , in our food and water, by mass vaccination (from childhood on) and by other biological and frequency weapons (3,4,5 G and DEW's).

All this time we kept the Flame of Love burning. We assured you that there is a way to survive this collective Dark Night of the Soul experience and that at the End of the tunnel there is Light. We told you that there is a Plan to save the World and that God is the ultimate Source of this 'Great Awakening' and that all over the world there are millions of people who belong to the Army of the Lord, We also told you that it is all part of the second coming of Christ in the hearts of the people and that God always wins!

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