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The Covid 19 Fraud: The most important Evidence ever presented

David Martin Reiner Fuellmich

Video with Dutch subtitles!  Dr. David Martin & Dr. Reiner Fuellmich. The video you are about to see is an abbreviated version of the Corona Ausschuss session number 60 of Dr. Reiner Fuellmich. Fuellmich is one of the lawyers who, together with a team of more than 1000 colleagues worldwide, takes the legal battle against the who, cdc, fda, ​​the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, the pharmaceutical industry, Fauci and all other persons, institutions and organizations, involved in the global scam called the Covid-19 pandemic. Fuellmich has already won monster lawsuits against Deutsche Bank and Volkswagen.

Video met Nederlandse ondertitleing

This video, from Commonsensetv, lays out in every detail how the entire fake Covid-19 pandemic was planned. The evidence is more than 4000 patents, which show, among other things, that the 2019 novel Corona virus was already created as a biological weapon in 2004. Furthermore, the legal evidence shows that the injections, which are marketed as 'vaccinations', do not fight the disease at all, but inject a disease-causing stimulator computer sequence.

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