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2023 a Year of Vindication Remorse and Restoration


Happy New Year ! 



On the cusp of the New Year we take a moment to thank our Heavenly Father for the many gifts and blessings that we received the past year.

We say: "Thank you Father for all Love and Life, for every day, for every blessing and gift , for there is so much to be grateful for!"


We may begin to realize that all the suffering that seems to have been dominant in our life truly is a blessing in disguise.

We may begin to understand that much of our suffering is a choice. The choice to let suffering be and remain the dominant factor, because we gave up and believe that we are powerless, that there is no other way while there always is.

Jesus said: "I AM the Way , the Truth and the Life".

Was Jesus an ego tripper? NO !

He is referring to the "I AM" in all of us who are connected to Source, to our Heavenly Father who lives in us!

Here's is a great Mystery! 

If you don't experience the "Presence of I AM" in yourself as the Sun that radiates Light, Truth and Life, then you may need to go through the process of rebirth.

We have to become as little children again, even like a baby..

How can that be? Seek and you will find... Seek inside of yourself, not outside yourself though you can use all the help that is available, but always ask your intuition, your inner teacher , the inner Christ  or Higher Self for guidance.,

Ask yourself  "Who AM I ?, What AM I?,  Why  AM I here, where do I come from and where AM I going?

Start remembering who you are and what you are, remember that you are!

Say it loud with all your heart, speak the Word: "I AM!" and say it a many times every day if necessary..


Say: "I AM a Son / Daughter of the Most High God I AM Spirit and Soul having a temporarily physical body and experience in this dimension we call the Material world".

Say: "I AM here and now to grow in Love Wisdom and Power  to attain ever higher states of consciousness and perfection in whatever my calling to serve God may be".

Say: "I AM a Child of God, made in His image and therefore I AM a part of the Body of Christ. I AM here and now to overcome the world and bring in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Remember we are here to be victorius overcomers in Christ.

Remember we cannot fail with God, our Heavenly Father~Mother, Christ and the Holy Spirit that are all "One" at our side!

Always Victory 


2.  “For nothing is hidden that will not be made manifest, nor is anything secret that will not be known and come to light.” (Luke 8:17)

nothing is hidden


Rejoice, for now the year begins in which all "conspiracies" will be revealed to the ignorant masses.

Those who were called alu hats, tinfoil hats, or conspiracy theorists, those who stood up against all kinds of corruption in church, state and in science, those who exposed chemtrails, the covid nonsense, the bioweapons disguised as vaccinations, those who challenged the moneychangers, the central banks, the whole democratic left wing agenda and the World Economic Forum, the corrupted United Nations and European Union or in short , those who stood up against  "The New World Order" they are the true heroes of the time.

These brave souls that still stand up against oppression, dictatorship censoring and defend Freedom; they dare to expose the endless lies and the sexual misuse of children and women by the satanic power elite. They are the true Spiritual Warriors, the Digital Soldiers in all walks of life, they are the Sons and Daughters of God who are united in Unconditional Love for God, Life and all of Creation.

For them 2023 will be a year of Vindication while it will be a year of great Remorse for those that refused to listen..

For all of us it also will be a year of Restoration although the beginning months may seem to bring more destruction and chaos.

Wishing all of us a Happy & Healthy New Year,

Roeland Solcer


Video below added  on April 13 2023  Messages from the Lord by Julie Green:

THESE ARE THE DAYS OF GREAT VINDICATION                             April 13 2023





This recording is from the 1986 Continental Indigenous Council. Lee Brown sums up the Hopi prophecies and compares them to other tribes and predictions & the accuracy of major world events predicted by the HOPI Elders is astonishing. Is the third shaking of the world imminent? Are we living through it right now?






Some actual Prophecies for the coming year...

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