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"Suddenly drop Dead" & other Side Effects of Covid Vaccines

Side effects covid jab

 Update 11 22 2022 Added to this topic new video documentary World premiere: "Died Suddenly¨ by Stew Peters

Side effects usually manifest years after a vaccination, but with this covid vaccine, millions of people have already been permanently disabled by this injection. Data from the CDC shows that in the U.S. alone thousands die every month. A whistleblower from the CDC signed a sworn affidavit that the true number of adverse events is at least five times higher then what is being reported.

This means that tens of thousands die monthly from the vaccines, in the U.S. alone! Worldwide, that number is many times higher, and in the coming years this will explode, as it takes years for most adverse events to manifest. That’s why 56% of all U.S. physicians refuse the shot. The U.K. government has hired a company to process the extremely high number of vaccine adverse event

We already published much about the "so called"  (side ?) effects of the "covid (booster) jabs" on this website, that vary from menstruation problems and abortion in pregnant women, to infertility in men, tia's enormous "morgellons like "blood clots and countless other health problems that arise after vaccination like:

Myocarditis - up 2800 %,  an acquired cardiomyopathy due to inflammation of the heart muscle.Symptoms can include shortness of breath, chest pain, decreased ability to exercise, and an irregular heartbeat. The duration of problems can vary from hours to months. 

Cancers - up 300% to 900%

Infertility ( both genders ) -up 500%

Miscarriages - up 300%

Neurological disorderss - up 1000%  Alzheimer, Parkinson, Bell's Palsy. Muliple Sclerosis

Auto immune diseases, allergies etc

Demyelinating disorders - up 1000%.  Demyelinating disorders are any conditions that damage myelin. When this happens, scar tissue forms in its place. Brain signals can’t move across scar tissue as quickly, so your nerves don’t work as well as they should.Symptoms: The most common symptoms of demyelinating disorders are:

  • Vision loss
  • Muscle weakness
  • Muscle stiffness
  • Muscle spasms
  • Changes in how well your bladder and bowels work
  • Sensory changes

 There have been many whistleblowers and URGENT WAKE-UP CALLS for two years now!

The late Dr Vladimir Zelenko ( R.I.P.)  took a big risk by telling it all.

Thousands die after Covid vaccinations!

What do the results, after about three months of Corona vaccinations actually look like? This documentary shows what has happened in German nursing homes after Corona vaccinations. Official figures from the Paul Ehrlich Institute and the European Medicines Agency (EMA) are highly alarming. Since the mass media are keeping quiet about these figures or playing them down, this "Urgent Wake-up Call" is an appeal to all people to bring the shocking facts of this documentary into public awareness!

continue and see video here:  https://www.kla.tv/18608

We also have reported extensively on the Corona / 5G connection!

See: https://partijvoordeliefde.nl/videonews/407-5g-apocalypse

and:  https://partijvoordeliefde.nl/component/search/?searchword=5G%20electromagnetic%20radiation%20EMR&ordering=newest&searchphrase=any&limit=50

Now research has evolved and in the shocking videos below you learn how 5G, corona, vaccinations (and chemtrails that also contain nano particles, graphene, aluminium and other heavy metals) work together to slowly kill a great part of the world population as planned by the NWO cabal. (remember the Georgia guidestones, now destroyed)



 MASS MURDER by government, witnessed by funeral director John O’Looney. Funeral director John O’Looney witnessed mass murder by British government.Thousands of people were killed in care homes, and then labeled as covid deaths. That was the start of the ‘pandemic’ in the U.K.His testimony is by far the most revealing and most shocking of all. Absolute must see for al of humanity.


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