'My People Perish for Lack of Knowledge'

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The Digital Warriors are stepping it up a gear, a new studio, new format; they're taking the fight right to the very top.

Welcome to the new Uncensored Real News and Sensitive Intel Channel from Dawson and Mahoney at Digital Warrior Productions!
There is no holding the boys back now on their quest to expose the lies and corruption of the Main Stream Media, Governments and Heath Care workers around the world!

We’ve completely had enough, so we are now dedicating our lives to exposing the truth (and having a few beers of a Friday night of course). Digital Warrior Productions now has an HQ with an all-new studio where Dawson & Mahoney can tear apart the fabrications branded around by paid-off scientists, governments, health professionals and main stream media. Let’s take the fight to the bastards that created this mess, and take ’em down one by one!


We are part of a worldwide data sharing network handling the truth, we only use verified data. The news you're seeing is fresh, truthful and completely unsponsored. For health we are backed and verified by a team of medical professionals & scientists at Verelst Genetics. Because of all this we are often banned or censored from Social Media channels. We hope the new portal makes up for this.   https://digitalwarriorproductions.com/

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