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Ph.D. Doctor Sean Brooks Calling Out School Board Over Deadly COVID Jabs

A must see video.The Party for Love Governance has for 15 years been warning the public for the dangers of vaccins in general and  stated from start that this whole "Plandemic" is part of the NWO plan to depopulate the planet.

It was one of the many reasons why we were banned from Facebook. Other reasons of course were our loyalty to President Trump, by exposing the election fraud since November 2020, and our campaigns against geo-engineering and chemtrails, Big Pharma and the Central Bank Financial system.



Alex Jones breaks down the video Dr. Sean Brooks, Ph.D., exposing the deadly dangers of mandating deadly injections. According to news stations and reports, Dr. Sean Brooks’ family, friends, children, career, and personal records have all been erased from his online presence. His inappropriate speech has led him to an indecent life. You know when something is true when the person saying it has his/character attacked not what is said !

Due to restrictions and / or censorship we cannot (yet) directly show you the video in all browsers, but here is the llink: https://freeworldnews.tv/watch?id=6123dfa4d17cff669e630f9c

In the video, Brooks made a series of frightening statements. However, many of his claims are of course not supported by the CDC. But there are many other experts that do support his claims. You can find a lot of them on this website! 

“Dr. Robert Malone who created the messenger RNA vaccine has said no one should ever take these jabs ever under any circumstances whatsoever,” he said. “He created it and he says don’t ever do it. Let me explain what’s going to happen to the people who have taken it. The people who have taken it are going to die in the next six months to 3 to 5 years for three reasons.” (Here’s an article in the Atlantic that explains more about Malone and vaccines. It says, in part, “Whether Malone really came up with mRNA vaccines is a question probably best left to Swedish prize committees, but you could make a case for his involvement. … Malone may keep company with vaccine skeptics, but he insists he is not one himself. His objections to the Pfizer and Moderna shots have to do mostly with their expedited approval process and with the government’s system for tracking adverse reactions. Speaking as a doctor, he would probably recommend their use only for those at highest risk from COVID-19.”)

He then claimed, “Number 1. You’ve dramatically decreased your own immune system by 35 percent. The first jab did it by at least 15. The second did it by 35. If you take any booster shot, you will die that’s it. If you take a flu shot in the future, you will die. The second reason antibody dependent enhancement is what’s happening with these jabs with everybody who has taken them, unless of course you’ve taken a placebo but there’s no way you’d know that.”

He continued, “So given that fact antibody dependent enhancement tricks the entire body into believing that the cell that’s eating the pathogen is eating it when it isn’t. It ends up leading to what is called a cytokine storm that is causing organ failure, that will cause your death and there’s no stopping that, no amount of drugs will stop that. The third thing, blood clotting. Everyone who is taking the jabs is blood clotting.”

He further alleged, “They’re cutting full blood clots out of people right now as I’m talking to you. Millions have died from the jabs. In your last meeting you advocated for people to take the jabs potentially in the future along with wearing masks. I heard parents say the same things. So to with the parents actually considering jabbing their own children, you’re going to sterilize them permanently. People who have taken the jabs are sterilized, 80 percent of women who have been jabbed have lost their children in the first trimester. You can’t have kids.”

Brooks further claimed, “Also injecting yourself with the equivalent of HIV you can now no longer breastfeed, donate blood, donate organs, donate blood plasma or bone marrow. If you don’t believe me try to donate blood and blood plasma and find out what happens; you will be denied, unless of course you live in California where they’re allowing people to donate toxic blood with spike proteins in it. Thejabs create spike proteins. They’re in the jabs themselves. They’re created by snapping your RNA in half. You’re no longer a human anymore, you’re something else. You’re susceptible to countless diseases.”

He further claimed: “Here’s what’s going to happen in the future very quickly. I don’t know what percentage of your staff has taken the jabs, but your schools is going to close. They will not open. They will fall ill and die. That will happen in all your buildings. It’s already happening, good luck because nothing can stop this.”

People applauded when he was done.

At the same meeting, a local Oxford pediatrician, Dr. Jim Davis, spoke immediately before Brooks in favor of a mask mandate. He told the school board he has worked in the community taking care of children for 39 years. Davis said because of students wearing masks during the previous school year, “In my office I saw less strep throat, less ear infections, less pneumonia, less upper respiratory tract infections, it’s the lowest number of respiratory infections that I’ve seen in my entire career. … And clearly what we didn’t know until last year was that masking in the way that we did clearly decreased the spread of all those respiratory infections, decreased the spread of COVID. …I don’t understand why people wouldn’t want to do the best possible way to protect our teachers and our children by providing them an environment that decreases the spread of this disease.”

As Davis went to sit down, someone in the crowd yelled out, “Our choice.” Before he began speaking, Brooks appeared to address Davis, who was sitting in front of him, saying, “Disappointed brother. Disappointed.” After Brooks was finished talking, Davis appeared to try to stand up to respond to his comments, but the board told him others had to be allowed to speak first.

Note: The Party for Love Governance started in 2006 in the Netherlands,

The founder Roeland Solcer being a shaman, healer, classical homeopath and naturopathic therapist with over 40 years of experience was at the beginning of the 21st century, inspired by the Ascended Masters to start this visionary project for the Golden Age to come. The materialistic developements and lack of spiritual insights in society, science, medicine, health care and education, have been his major concern during his life and career.

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