'My People Perish for Lack of Knowledge'

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A wave of Love is coming


A message for Lightworkers, Spiritual Warriors and Keepers of the Flame

from the Ascended Master Dwal Kul through Michelle Fielding with an update by Roeland Solcer about the Party for Love Governance. 



The Way, the Truth, the Life

I AM Love Wisdom and Power

Be at Peace for I AM always in command


Blessed  are Those who have eyes to see

A Wave of Love is coming

Its Light has overcome the Darkness


Awake, Arise, stand Free

This is the dawning of Aquarius

Now Your time to serve has come again


I AM the Resurrection and the Life and More

 Victory I AM and I know not of defeat

I AM  one with you, now claim your Victory today


Claim our Oneness

Let Love reign

Love Governance



Dear Friends,

15 years ago i was inspired to start the Party for Love Governance ( Partij voor de Liefde ) as a Project for the Golden Age of Saint Germain.

I studied and worked alone all these years to lay a foundation for further developements to come, though i could not clearly see when the time would arrive to take the next step.

But for some time More insight was given me. I feel the time has come to find and meet with those that are destined to work together in helping to manifest Gods Kingdom on Earth.

The following message from Djwal Khul, also known as the Tibetan Master, channeled by Michelle Fielding, confirmed the vision that lead to the creation of the Party for Love Governance.

I will keep you updated in the coming months.


purple heart Roeland Solcer



 ? Mother Mary’s Divine Feminine Rose?

A Golden Age meditation to help you to awaken to the sublime and bliss of the energy of Mother Mary... a meditation to help you health and balance your Divine Feminine energies so that you can walk as a way shower by Michelle Fielding.


IN GOD WE TRUST american flag small  WWG1WGA  Nederlandse vlag small UNITED WE STAND

Devolution of Governance for the USA by Michelle Fielding


Template of Love - Lord Kuthumi/Djwal Khul


Your chakras will now awaken to God’s Divine Plan


To be continued....come back soon



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