'My People Perish for Lack of Knowledge'

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Keep calm and fight for our Freedom


“I think of a hero as someone who understands the degree of responsibility that comes with his freedom.”
– Bob Dylan

Video: A clear vision on the current world situation in which we experience a spiritual war that will decide whether we and future generations will live in Freedom or in bondage. A call to rise up!

Dutch : Een duidelijke visie op de huidige wereldsituatie waarin we een spirituele oorlog ervaren die zal beslissen of wij en toekomstige generaties in vrijheid of in slavernij zullen leven. Een oproep om op te staan!

What is really the goal and  consequence of mandated vaccination and the vaccine passport..?




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What happened to the Netherlands since the murder of Pim Fortuyn May 6 2002 ?

Demanding Justice for Joost Knevel. By Janet Ossebaard.


 Update March 8 2023:

Dear friends,
Facebook continues to terrorize the Party for Love Governance with all kinds of censoring measures such as removing messages, preventing the sharing of messages under the flag of the Party on my personal page, deliberately not sharing messages with followers and / or my circle of friends, etc.
Facebook has also rejected several ads from the Party for Love Governance because they don't like the content. As mentioned earlier, Facebook has disabled both my original personal account, my practice account and the account of the Party for Love in the past. These accounts contain 10 years of important daily information about scientific research, research into the NWO conspiracy against humanity, but also personal memories countless videos and photos. To date, these accounts are not accessible and probably  I'll never get them back... This has happened to countless people worldwide who have been Trump and Q supporters or "Plandemic, 5G, Vaccins and Chemtrail critics" in the past 7 years. We were discriminated against by everyone and everything and dismissed as "conspiracy idiots".
The reason we're back on Facebook is to reach people, but it doesn't really get along with this ongoing censorship. Facebook is still going ahead with this insane policy, even now after it has become clear that on almost all points the Party for Love Governance has brought the Truth about COVID, the JABS, the NWO and about President Trump. You can help by sharing the messages of the Party for Love Governance. I understand that you need the necessary courage and motivation to do so. . But when you know what is at stake in this information war, it is not difficult to stand up against all forms of tyranny and oppression.
FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION, FREEDOM & RESPONSIBILITY to choose which cures and medicines we do or do not apply to ourselves and our children, FREEDOM of information exchange on social media, FREEDOM TO THINK FOR OURSELVES and draw our own conclusions, FREEDOM to live life as you want without harming others, it is our GOD-given BIRTHRIGHT!
No one should take this FREEDOM & RESPONSIBILITY from us, no one !
And we as adults are all RESPONSIBLE for defending this FREEDOM.
                                           NESARA  GESARA THE BEST IS YET TO COME

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